NIRO Systematic Review Non-Interventional, Reproducible and Open Systematic Reviews

NIRO-SR in Practice

Since its initial release, NIRO has been used in a number of projects. You can see some examples of pre-registrations and full studies below.


Completed Thesis

If you have pre-registered, pre-printed or published a project using NIRO-SR, do get in touch so we can add it to the list above!

NIRO-SR pre-print

The pre-print for NIRO-SR has now been uploaded to MetaArXiv!


Topor, M., Pickering, J. S., Barbosa Mendes, A., Bishop, D. V. M., Büttner, F. C., Elsherif, M. M., … Westwood, S. J. (2020, December 14). An integrative framework for planning and conducting Non-Intervention, Reproducible, and Open Systematic Reviews (NIRO-SR).

The NIRO Systematic Reviews checklist is ready!

The NIRO-SR v0.1.0 is ready and waiting on the OSF!

Head on over to take a look, and happy reviewing!

Extra details to follow :)

Introducing: Non-Interventional, Reproducible, and Open (NIRO) Systematic Reviews

Improving evidence synthesis outside interventional research

Systematic reviews are complicated. Ensuring that they are reproducible and open is even more complex, and it's easy to overlook things or to adopt a workflow which makes reproducibility and transparency difficult to achieve. Whilst there are many (brilliant!) existing guidelines for conducting systematic reviews, many of these focus on a particular type of research centred around interventions. The NIRO Systematic Review checklist aims to provide a comprehensive set of guidelines for non-interventional research to help bring the gold-standard of evidence synthesis to other areas of research.

NIRO is a work in progress, led by Marta Topor and Jade Pickering with an amazing bunch of collaborators. If you're interested in the project, get in touch with Marta or Jade (contact details on the contributors page).

This website will be updated in due course as we finalise the project!